Now more than ever, Hempstead needs a Town Clerk who can make hard decisions and be an independent fighter for residents.


My name is Sylvia Cabana and I am the Hempstead Town Clerk who was sworn in January 2018.
I grew up in Garden City as the proud daughter of immigrants. My dad was from Argentina and my mother is from Cuba. They taught me the importance of family, education, and giving back to your community. I continue to reside in the Town of Hempstead, Garden City, with my husband and two children.  I have a personal interest in ensuring that the Town of Hempstead continues to be a great place to live.  We must provide our children with as many opportunities as possible to succeed.   
I want to make positive change for OUR community -- and that's why I'm running to be YOUR Hempstead Town Clerk. 
The Town Clerk is responsible for keeping the town running and working for YOU, the taxpayers. With my experience as an attorney, a PTA member, and as a lifelong Town of Hempstead resident, YOU can count on me to:
- STAND UP TO CORRUPTION: I will be YOUR watchdog who will open up Town Hall by finally unlocking the closed door government that has led to corruption. I will increase transparency to put an end to the inside deals that put POLITICAL CRONIES BEFORE YOU, THE PEOPLE! 
- STAND UP FOR TOWN OF HEMPSTEAD FAMILIES AND OUR KIDS: As a public school parent, a PTA and a SEPTA member, an attorney and education advocate, I have dedicated my career to fighting for children and ensuring they each have the best path for success paved for them in the their school district. 
- STAND UP FOR TAXPAYERS: By opening up the Town Clerk's office to be transparent and more accessible I will be protecting taxpayers. Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant and I plan to fight to have a registry of deals and ensure that all town contracts be filed with the Town Clerk's office. I will make them available online and will allow for better government accessibility of forms online for YOU. I want to process requests for information efficiently and allow YOU to be more conveniently in touch with YOUR government and the services that YOU need. 
- MODERNIZE TOWN HALL: I want to bring us into the 21st Century by providing documents online, making records digitally accessible to residents, and expanding Town Hall hours ensuring Town Hall is open and available to all. As a bilingual Spanish speaker, I know the importance of accessibility of government services for all individuals. I will ensure that obstacles are removed and make sure each of YOU are better connected to the Town government you and your family pay for. 
I want to be YOUR Town Clerk because I want to put the Town of Hempstead back in the hands of YOU the people. The Town Clerk's office is the heart beat of the Town's government and let's be honest, our heart is broken. We need to elect independent watchdogs that can prevent public corruption and protect taxpayers by delivering transparency. Join me on this fight to put YOU, THE PEOPLE, BEFORE POLITICAL CRONIES. It's YOUR Town government, let's together put it back in YOUR hands. 
-- Sylvia